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500 Mb space

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30 Gb data-transfer

£15 month

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4 Gb space

60 Gb data-transfer

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8 Gb space

150 Gb data-transfer

£50 month

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up to 25 Gb space

up to 1 Tb data-transfer

from £150 month

Site and Service News (2/3)

Tuesday, 28th February 2006: On our UK server, we have added several new external mail servers to deal with increased demand. We also have a hardware anti-SPAM filter available to customers requiring SPAM free emails. Friday, 9th September 2005: We have updated to mySQL version: 4.1.14 from the previous version: 4.0.8 in response to client demand. In addition we have also relaunched the DAHOST forums after an long absence. This version of phpBB should be more secure than previous versions. Please note that any clients wishing to have a forum installed, we provide the service free of charge. Thursday, 21st July 2005: Our servers have been updated to the newest stable version of PHP and now support gettext for multiple language dynamic websites. In addition, we have installed phpMyAdmin server-wide with the Arctic Blue theme. Saturday, 10th July 2005: We have acquired DAHOST.COM - it was pending deletion during the week. As a result of the new domain, we have removed the ".net" from our name to reveal: DAHOST. Monday, 20th June 2005: Our first Acceptable Usage Policy is now available online. The AUP has been simplified so that everyone can understand our policies. If you feel there is a lack of information here or require a clarification, please contact us. Wednesday, 15th June 2005: We have added some useful sales and presales hosting support. Our support section also includes easy-to-understand definitions of a few technical terms used in this site.

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£24 /2years

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